New Connection Fees

New Connection Fees


Connection Fees

In order to become a member of the scheme a New Member Application form must be completed. This application must be accompanied by a map of area of the proposed dwelling (outlined in red on the map) and a fee of €1,700.00 paid by the applicant to the above-named scheme (please make the cheque payable to Callow Water).

The following are the GWS’s Conditions for Connection:

  • The full connection fee paid to the Group Water Scheme.
  • The GWS will complete your connection and supply a meter and a stopcock.
  • On completion you, the applicant, will pay to the Scheme the full cost of parts, labour and any other expense incurred. (The cost of this connection work is determined by the distance pipework has to be extended, as well as insurance costs etc.)
  • All connection work to be carried out in accordance with the specifications laid down by the Group Water Scheme including point of mains connection, pipe size and standard.
  • Should a road opening licence be required: you the applicant will pay the cost in full of this licence.
  • You the applicant agree to be bound by the Membership Byelaws/Regulations of the above Group Water Scheme.  This agreement will include your agreement to become a Shareholder of the GWS Co-op Society Ltd. and pay the annual water charge to the scheme. Failure to pay will result in disconnection of supply.
  • All pipework will remain/become the property of the above Group Water Scheme including stop valves, chambers and links to the main water line.
  • In the contracts for any future sale of the property you must include a provision that the purchasers understand that they are becoming a member of the above Group Water Scheme.  This agreement will include their agreement to pay the annual water charge to the scheme. In the case of non-payment, supply will be discontinued
  • All new water meter boxes must be installed outside the property in a suitable and easily accessible place for the scheme to read and service.

Additional connections for members are charged as follows: A new domestic or Commercial connection is charged at €1700.00. An additional land connection is charged at €500.00.

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